Good for the environment and good for you, we’re proud to announce the launch of our brand-new home compostable coffee capsules.

Taking the industry by storm, not only do these coffee capsules deliver a smooth, full-bodied coffee, you can add them to your compost bin and reduce your environmental footprint, one coffee at a time.

What are Maipac’s compostable coffee capsules?

Maipac’s home compostable coffee capsules offer customers a way to enjoy their daily cup of coffee, while contributing to a friendlier environment. Did you know, 60 billion coffee pods go to landfill yearly, and researchers indicate that 80% of these end up in the ocean?

The good news? This doesn’t have to be the case, our brand-new coffee capsules are made up of natural ingredients, and are completely compostable, just like the fruits and vegetables you purchase weekly from your local market.

How are they different from other coffee pods on the market?

Regular nespresso-compatible coffee pods are generally made from plastic, aluminium, or a combination of both. These materials can still be recycled when disposed of properly, however, our new home compostable coffee capsules take environmentally friendly coffee to a whole new level.

What are Maipac’s compostable coffee capsules made from?

Our certified home compostable capsules are derived from natural resources, such as sugarcane and corn, completely minimising the adverse effects on the environment. Our new capsule range can be disposed of in a compost bin at home, or an industrial composting facility, making it easy for the end consumer to dispose of the finished product.

There has never been a more crucial time to consider your brand’s environmental impact, and we predict businesses who make a conscious effort to introduce more sustainable, environmentally friendly practices are the ones who will see larger growth in the months and years to come.

What is the difference between ‘home compostable’ and ‘industrial compostable’ coffee capsules?

Just like the name, home compostable coffee capsules can be disposed of in the domestic green bin in your backyard and doesn’t require a specialised composting facility.

Industrial compostable coffee capsules can only be decomposed in a commercial facility, with controlled environments such as water, carbon, and temperature. Depending on where you’re located in Australia, different councils have different disposal processes, and it’s important to know the difference to ensure you’re disposing of your coffee capsules correctly.

Are consumers becoming more environmentally conscious in 2023?

A recent 2023 study by Forbes magazine states that 82% of shoppers want brands to embrace sustainable and people-first practices, and 66% of shoppers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods and will prioritise sustainability over brand names. With this in mind, whether you’re looking to make a complete swap to compostable capsules, or wanting to incorporate them into your product range, there’s never been a better time to do so.

Does the coffee still taste the same?

As a family-owned, Australian market leader in coffee capsule manufacturing, delivering a premium quality coffee to customers is our number one priority. And, that’s why a great deal of research, trial and error has gone into ensuring we deliver a compostable capsule that offers the same premium quality taste profile as regular coffee pods.

So, why should you incorporate our home compostable coffee capsules into your product range?

After a great deal of research, it’s evident the market has seen a big shift in consumer purchase decisions, prioritising sustainability over brands and price. With our compostable coffee capsules, you’ll be offering your customers a premium quality coffee, while completely minimising your environmental footprint, and potentially gaining a larger customer base.

Here at Maipac, we are market leaders and will continue to deliver you with premium, innovative, end to end solutions for your coffee beans.

Don’t wait! Let us help you take the next step in gaining market share, and leading the way in the industry.

See our full range of compostable capsules or contact us to get a head start today.