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Good for the environment and good for you. Our certified home compostable capsules are derived from natural resources, such as sunflower husk without adverse environmental effects. Our new capsule range can be disposed of in a compost bin at home, or an industrial composting facility, making it easy for the end consumer to dispose of the finished product.


Thanks to our fully recyclable aluminium capsules, you can savour every instant of your coffee moment, from bean to cup. Significant market growth is expected as demand for environmental alternatives soar. The demand for aluminium capsules is expected to grow to encompass up to 80% of the market over the next five years.

Roast to Retail

We deliver more than just capsules. Our service offering starts with identifying the right capsule to maximise your sales. We work closely with your roasting team to select the right blend and supplying packaging requirements for your graphic designer. Once an agreement is determined, the production process is scheduled from delivery of beans through to finished capsules ready for distribution.


Aluminium capsule technology

Thanks to our fully recyclable aluminium capsules, you can savour every instant of your coffee moment, from bean to cup.


Home compostable coffee capsules are here

CompostaPods at home are part of a new generation of capsules, designed to meet the needs of coffee roasters and coffee lovers and to address environmental issues related to the management of waste.


“At Maipac, we focus on quality. Our process ensures we capture the very best of your coffee from bean to capsule.”

Maipac has evolved from a family-owned business in Adelaide that has a long and proud history as coffee specialists. When we say we’re your one stop shop, we mean it. Our service offering starts with identifying the right capsule to maximise your sales. We’ll start by working with your roasting team to select the desired blend for your capsules, without compromising flavour profile or freshness. We’ll even work through designs with your creatives to perfect the packaging and get your product ready to hit the shelves. Simply sign the agreement, deliver the beans and leave the rest to us.

With a true love and passion for specialty coffee, our team has been in the industry for decades and we pride ourselves on our experience, ensuring no details are overlooked. We know how important it is to make sure the flavour of your roast is maintained and that’s why we go above and beyond to deliver perfection, every time. At Maipac, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach. We know and respect that every customer has unique needs that are critical to their point of difference in the market. Our customers know that they can rely on our competence, expertise and experience in single- serve production, to give their brand the justice it deserves, in capsule form.

With our entire range of capsules hermetically sealed, you can trust that your product will maintain its full-bodied flavour, giving your customers the desired experience when consumed.

At Maipac, we have developed proven and comprehensive systems that will enable your business to expand into an ever-growing commercial market. With nationwide shipping and custom packaging capabilities, now is the time to speak to one of our team members about getting the most out of your roast.

We will work with you in partnership to achieve what you want from your blend, as we know that your success as you expand your product offering is directly linked to our continued commercial success. Our manufacturing facility is fully equipped with world’s best technology for capsule production, built to deliver premium quality, great tasting coffee to your customers.

Our group of companies, including Coffee Complex and Maipac, are large enough to deliver results but still small enough to put care into every brand of coffee and individual roast that we deal with.

Our production facility is HACCP approved and organic certified.

All about coffee and service for 20 years

The team at Maipac have a collective experience in the coffee industry spanning 20+ years. This accumulated wealth of knowledge will serve to benefit the final result as you leave all the details in trusted hands.

Coffee flavour and quality

As part of our roast to retail service offering, we work closely with your roasters to identify the perfect blend with the perfect capsule combination to deliver a superior product.

Australia-wide delivery and support

Maipac’s service offering isn’t limited to the finished product. We extend our support to freight and delivery, as well as ongoing assistance with any enquiries you may have. As a member of the Maipac family, you will be treated like one.

We pay attention to each step

Maipac sweat over the details and strive to deliver a finished product that will exceed the expectation of your team and your customers.

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