Premium Flavour

Nespresso® Compatible
100% Recyclable
Aluminium Capsule

Premium Flavour

Nespresso® Compatible
100% Recyclable
Aluminium Capsule


CompostaPods come with Industrial Compostable Certification. When they are placed in specific conditions, they will break down completely. These conditions are found in an industrial composting facility where the pods are exposed to high temperatures, different bacteria and are aerated to oxidise sufficiently.

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Thanks to our fully recyclable aluminium capsules, you can savour every instant of your coffee moment, from bean to cup. Significant market growth is expected as demand for environmental alternatives soar. The demand for aluminium capsules is expected to grow to encompass up to 80% of the market over the next five years.

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Roast to Retail

We deliver more than just pods. Our service offering starts with identifying the right pod to maximise your sales. We work closely with your roasting team to select the right blend and supplying packaging requirements for your graphic designer. Once an agreement is determined, the production process is scheduled from delivery of beans through to finished capsules ready for distribution.

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Your roast now in capsules

The capsule is the most recent evolution in coffee brewing methods. An exceptional capsule experience can expand your range and act as a gateway to your other product offerings.


With regular aluminium and plastic pods taking 150 to 500 years to break down in landfill, it makes more sense than ever to make the switch to compostable and recyclable coffee pods.


With our entire range of pods hermetically sealed, you can be confident that your product will maintain its full-bodied flavour, giving your customers the desired experience when consumed.


At Maipac, we have developed proven and comprehensive systems that will enable your business to expand into an ever-growing commercial market. With nationwide shipping and custom packaging capabilities, now is the time to speak to one of our team members about getting the most out of your roast.

Get the very best out of your beans

We begin a methodical and measurable sampling process, ensuring your roasted beans are ground within the right cycles, optimising the capsule experience for the end consumer.

Hermetically sealed for freshness

Our Nespresso® compatible, airtight capsules enable a compact and cost-saving packaging solution.

We need solutions

It’s reported that Australians are consuming upwards of three million pods a day with most ending up in landfill. With so many Australians and the wider global community so aware of our growing climate change crisis, compostable products like CompostaPods will be seen as the favourable choice.

The numbers are startling

With coffee pods contributing to the already millions of tonnes of waste we produce each year consumers are more than ever carrying the guilt of their morning fix. Thankfully, Maipac’s CompostaPod offers a great alternative.

CompostaPods tick every box

The number of orders placed for coffee capsules grew by 53% over the past 12 months and the overall market is predicted to record a compound annual growth rate of 7.1% during 2019 – 2024. If there is ever a time to switch to CompostaPods, it is now.

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All about coffee and service for 20 years

The team at Maipac have a collective experience in the coffee industry spanning 20+ years. This accumulated wealth of knowledge will serve to benefit the final result as you leave all the details in trusted hands.

Coffee flavour
and quality

As part of our roast to retail service offering, we work closely with your roasters to identify the perfect blend with the perfect pod combination to deliver a superior product.

Australia-wide delivery and support

Maipac’s service offering isn’t limited to the finished product. We extend our support to freight and delivery, as well as ongoing assistance with any enquiries you may have. As a member of the Maipac family, you will be treated like one.

We pay attention
to each step

Maipac sweat over the details and strive to deliver a finished product that will exceed the expectation of your team and your customers.

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