Our experience
in coffee

Our experience
in coffee

“At Maipac, we focus on quality. Our process ensures we capture the very best of your coffee from bean to capsule.”

Pod Coffee capsules

We all love coffee. For a long time it’s been brewed, extracted, grown, bought, traded, savoured, heralded and elevated to one of the greatest simple joys in life.
Pod-brewed coffee was kind of a revelation, bringing a high quality coffee experience to coffee lovers at home. It can be consistent, reliable and with none of the messy grinds that often goes with the grinder and espresso machine process.

The only trouble is, all these neat little pods of coffee, once used, end up in land fill; a whopping 7m tons in Australia alone each year – a mountain of plastic entombing earth friendly coffee grounds. We decided we can do a lot better than that.

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    Making coffee pods environmentally friendly

    In an ideal world, both the coffee ground and the pod can just be composted and put back into the ground. Well, it turns out we have been able to do just that.

    To achieve this was no small feat. In regular pods, the foil seal ensured consistency and freshness of grind. We have replaced the lid with a fully compostable seal that locks in freshness. And once used, it goes back to the soil. Good for you, good for the earth. We can’t think of a better outcome than that.

    Our story – From the home of Italy’s finest coffee brands

    You are dealing with the best. From our Maipac headquarters in Keswick, South Australia, we serve your coffee pod requirements nation-wide for interstate logistics, fast turnaround and on-demand orders. With over 20 years of servicing and coffee expertise across a wide range of clients, we bring knowledge and expertise to you provide you with the best compostable coffee pod service on the market.

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