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Modern production allows for the automation of many processes, allowing quality control throughout. Without great care in the process, there is a risk of losing quality and producing a bland coffee during production. We can’t think of anything worse.

This is why we measure and test constantly. Our production line has been equipped with the latest technology and is regularly calibrated to ensure freshness and consistency. If each step is handled with the greatest of care, then the outcome will be the best it can be.

We pay attention to each step


The Maipac team will focus on your target market and determine the best way to maximise capsule sales.


Coffee is nothing if the beans are not right. We work alongside you to determine the appropriate coffee blend (blend or single origin) for you. Then we begin a methodical and measurable sampling process, ensuring your roasted beans are ground within the right cycles, optimising the capsule experience for the end consumer. We believe in the best process before, during and after extraction.


An agreement is completed whilst blend sampling and formula is finalised.


Packaging requirements are supplied for your design team – for retail or food service. We can print on the capsule lid and work with you on box and packaging options.

Production and Packaging

The production process is scheduled, taking into account delivery of beans through to finished capsules We will work with you to ensure your coffee tastes great and your capsules look their very best. Capsule seals can be personalised with your own artwork and colour matched to your brand. We also provide customised packaging solutions.

Retail-ready distribution

Our service includes freight, delivery, and logistics Australia wide. After your capsules have been packed, your freight can be organised and ready for distribution.

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