Home compostable coffee capsules are here

CompostaPods at home are part of a new generation of capsules, designed to meet the needs of coffee roasters and coffee lovers and to address environmental issues related to the management of waste.

Our certified home compostable capsules are derived from natural resources, such as Sunflower husk without adverse environmental effects. Our new capsule range can be disposed of in a compost bin at home, or an industrial composting facility, making it easy for the end consumer to dispose of the finished product.

Our offerings are endless, and our team will work with you to ensure you can provide your customers with the best blends in a capsule not yet seen in the Aussie market.

Advantages of home compostable capsules

Home Compostable

Industrial Compostable

Customise your range

Onyx Black


Cobalt Blue

Sage Green


What makes CompostaPods so great?

Sealed for freshness

Aluminium and Plastic Free

Packaging Options

High oxygen barrier


100% Certified Home and Industrial Compostable

Easily Disposed of in Green Waste Bin

Build your brand

Packaging Options

Retail boxes are available for 10, 12, 20, 50 and 100 capsules. Bulk orders can be packed between 500-700 capsules per carton.

Officially good for the ground

CompostaPods are certified Ok compost INDUSTRIAL (EN 13432), OK compost HOME, and European Bioplastics certified industrially compostable (EN 13432).

Our production facility is HACCP approved and organic certified.

Highest standards of compliance

Keep the flavour and the freshness sealed. Our capsules are hermetically sealed for freshness with a retail shelf-life of 12 months (EU Austrian certification).

Friendly for the earth, friendly on the wallet

People have the mind set that all compostable packaging is expensive. That is simply not true. Our CompostaPods comparitive pricing is extremely competitive when compared to regular capsules. The final cost to the customer will be in cents, not dollars. Saving the earth doesn’t mean costing the earth.

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