Packaging Solutions

Packaging Options and Box Sizes

Retail boxes are available for 10, 12, 20, 50 and 100 capsules. Bulk orders can be packed between 500-700 capsules per carton.

Dimensions (mm) w80 x d38 x h154
Nett Weight (g)

Dimensions (mm) w80 x d38 x h170
Nett Weight (g)

Dimensions (mm) w80 x d79 x h154
Nett Weight (g)

Dimensions (mm) w135 x d80 x h1170
Nett Weight (g)
Dispenser Mouth

Dimensions (mm) w162 x d122 x h240
Nett Weight (g)
Dispenser Mouth

CompostaPod Design

The capsule is designed to obtain maximum performance in dispensing and allows to have an excellent result of the coffee or soluble product in the cup.
The bottom of the capsule is pierced by the needles of the dispensing machine and the holes obtained are dimensionally the same as those of the original Nespresso capsules. This allows an optimal flow and pressure of water inside the capsule. The capsule collar is designed and sized to stand pressure and temperature both during the welding of the top lid and during the dispensing phase, also over time for “long” coffees.

Capsule seals

Build brand recognition and awareness with the ability to have your logo or custom design etch onto the lids of your capsules.

This process is done by laser etching out a design to reveal the foil below.

To maintain the 100% compostable title, CompostaPods can have designs created on them but are limited to single white design.

Our recyclable range allow any single PMS colour with the ability to laser etch a foil design into it, revealing the foil below.

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